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Heather Armbrust, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care

Anthroposophic Medicine


(928) 642-5382



172 East Merritt Street

Suite C

Prescott, Arizona 86301

A little about me

Hello. I am Heather Armbrust, a Family Nurse Practitioner trained in Conventional, Primary Care Medicine, with a very special, ongoing, extended training in Anthroposophical Medicine.


Anthroposophical Medicine is a form of medicine that utilizes homeopathically-based medicaments, art therapy, nursing therapy, movement therapy, singing, body work, therapeutic baths, external applications, recitations through the spoken Word, nutritional components, and a general integrative pathway for patients to be seen as more than just a physical body with only physical needs.


I see patients as living dynamic beings that are ever-unfolding and evolving. Through this evolving choices and growth can happen, or stagnation and sclerosis can also set in, forming many of our chronic health conditions seen in the clinical setting today. Each human life has their complexities and is seen through the lens of the creative, ever- changing capacity for renewal and revitalization. 


I am currently also studying Anthroposophical Psychology to help bring a better understanding of how to integrate deep healing within the many layers of our physical human form. These layers affect the formation of our organ systems and the functionality of the human body in very dynamic ways, connecting mind and body, that can be explored through this form of Psychology. I feel this work truly complements the wisdom within our physical construction of the human body. The many layers of the human psyche-soma are able to unfold and reveal one's true nature and worth, which allows for a true healing and re-integrative process to ensue. 


I greatly look forward to working with patients who have diagnosed medical conditions, and are looking for a deeper dive into healing and transformation through the illness process. I am so excited to be able to offer this integrative form of healing to the Healing  Kind Wellness Center, and I look forward to working with patients in this capacity toward re-membering and wholeness.

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